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Lure Fishing, Popping & Jigging Rods

Saltwater Lure Fishing Rods

Jigging Rods

There are two commonly used styles of jigging and to get optimal performance require a different action from the rod.

  • Slow Jigging – this method calls for a rod with a through action and a blank that recovers quickly so the angler can stay in touch with the jigging lure as it flutters up and down through the water column.
  • Speed Jigging – This method is all about moving the jig quickly to excite predatory fish to attack as the lure flashes past. This calls for a rod that has a fast tip action

Jigging rods for both styles are usually around 5’-6’ in length and available in both fixed spool and multiplier reel versions. Rods longer than this would be very hard work to jig with.

Popping Rods

Working popping lures effectively requires a rod with a measured degree of stiffness. Soft tip rods will be tiring to use and will not get the best results from popping lures. Our range includes some specialist rods that are perfect for this fishing style. All are designed for use with fixed spool reels and are capable of cast lures good distances.

General Purpose Saltwater Lure Rods

These rods tend to have softer tips and will excel at fishing stickbaits, softbaits, smaller poppers and other surface lures.

If you're still stuck choosing a lure, popping or jigging rod, then please give us a call on 01635 736436 and we'll be happy to help you select the best saltwater rod for your fishing.