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Sage Salt R8 Fly Rod

Sage Salt R8 Fly Rod

A rod that loads quickly and predictably, a sweet spot more intuitive to feel. More strength to land fish quicker and more touch for precision short shots. A more durable rod that is built to survive both long skiff runs and remote destinations - where broken rods are absolutely heart-breaking. A precisely honed taper that will ensure your fly is presented in the right place at the right time. Welcome to the SALT R8 — More Fight, More Touch.

While saltwater locales often move slower, the fishing is faster, the pressure more intense, and the variables more variable. From wind, weather and tides to spooky fish, seasonal migrations and salty guides, it’s a different game with a different set of rules in venues that range from tournaments and Grand Slam flats to legendary bonefish lodges and hushed redfish beaches. The shots are fewer, the stakes are higher and seconds matter in sight fishing. By the third false cast, your time - at least for that fish - has passed.

Most saltwater fly rods are built for pure power and ultimate strength - that is, table stakes for the venue and the discipline. With our new R8 graphite, adding 25% more strength-per-weight was the easy part - a simple function of material advancement - but one that also increased the fight in the rod even down to our six-weight. We increased the pure pulling power without the need to add more material, fillers or reinforcement. The outcome is simple, providing the ability for faster landing times and reducing fish stress and catch-and-release pressure on ever-so-delicate ecosystems.

More strength and fight were an obvious upgrade, yet few salt rods, especially in the heavier weights, achieve the importance of feel for fine touch shots and precise presentations. Shaping a taper that brought this increased touch into the equation took more time. Yet after a long residence in the birthplace of saltwater fly fishing and working directly with the experienced guides there, our rod designers found the right profile and fibre alignment that delivered strength, fine touch presentation, and a more intuitive sweet spot to a class of rods that have long had a reputation as unwieldy, unforgiving and difficult. With the SALT R8, gone are the days of sacrificing the feel and touch in your saltwater rod.

Match this rod with the SAGE ENFORCER FLY REEL for a perfectly balanced setup!

Sage Salt R8 Saltwater Fly Fishing Rod Features

  • Revolution 8 technology.
  • 25% Greater Strength Per Rod.
  • Enhanced Durability.
  • Intuitive Sweet Spot.
  • Saltwater Specific Guide Set.
  • Heavy-Duty Reel Seat.
  • Tempest blue blank colour.
  • Slate primary thread wraps with graduated white and grey trim.
  • Premium flor grade cork handle w/EVA butt.
  • Black rod bag with new cord lock for quicker, easier, and cleaner storage.
  • Aluminium rod tube with Sage medallion.