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RIO Elite Leviathan Fly Line

RIO Elite Leviathan Fly Line

RIO Elite Leviathan lines are designed to survive long battles with powerful saltwater gamefish. There are lines in this range to cope with deepwater fishing for gt's, tarpon and sharks inshore through to large tuna and billfish way offshore in the bluewater.

The RIO Elite Leviathan fly line is the first choice for saltwater fly anglers hunting the ocean's most powerful and aggressive gamefish. Each line features a powerful front taper suited to casting the biggest of flies and a short heavy head section to quickly load powerful bluewater fly rods. Everything is specified for tough durability and utilise 50lb+ breaking strain cores for battling powerful fish and resisting damage from structure.

The 400 grain 26' Sink Tip lines and the 31' 550 grain Billfish Shooting Head have welded loops on both ends for easy rigging. The billfish also has a 4' section coloured bright orange making the end of the head very visable.