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Rok Max Standard Shark Bite Traces and Rubbing Leaders

Rok Max Standard Shark Bite Traces and Rubbing Leaders

Look no further than our custom Rok Max standard shark traces - made from high quality components AFW 49-Strand wire, Rosco snap links / swivels and either Mustad or Owner hooks.

Rok Max has been preparing shark rigs for anglers around the world for over 30 years. Our range of ready to use rigs are tied with AFW 49 strand wire, and are used successfully by anglers and charter boat skippers throughout the UK and beyond.

All our standard rigs use high quality components, including Rosco barrel swivels and snap-links.

Choose hooks for your bite traces from the following patterns :-

  • Traditional 'J' hook Mustad 7731D in 3 sizes.
  • Mustad 39960D Circle Hook.
  • Mustad Demon Heavy Circle in 2 sizes.
  • Owner Tournament Mutu Circle Hooks.
  • Owner Jobu Big Game J Hooks.

AFW Wire Rubbing leaders are available with and without inline weights.  

We would be happy to prepare rigs to your own specification if you require.