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Halibut Fishing Tackle, Gear & Equipment

Halibut Fishing

Halibut fishing presents anglers with a chance to tangle with a potentially huge apex predator that has impressive strength and will test both tackle and angler to the limit. Methods include both lure and bait fishing usually from a boat. They can be caught in both shallow and deep water depending on the time of year and where they will find their prey. Look for underwater features that will attract baitfish and the halibut will not be far away.

In spite of their bottom dwelling flatfish looks halibut will often be found feeding way off the seabed. They often follow lures and baits right up to the boat only to turn away at the last moment. It will pay to fish at a variety of depths with both bait and lures. Start by lowering you gear right down to the sea bed then lifting it slowly off the bottom and back down again varying the depth you fish all the time. Slow gentle movement is often more successful than aggressive jerking.

Most anglers prefer a traditional style boat rod of 30-50lb class matched with a quality lever drag multiplier reel loaded with braided line of 50-80lbs BS. A soft rod tip is useful for seeing gentle knocks that may signal a halibut is showing interest in you offering. If you are lure fishing it’s a good idea to add a stinger hook mounted at the rear of the lure to help hook halibut pecking at the lures tail.

When it comes to bait it pays to match the hatch - coalfish, cod or mackerel fished whole have caught many giant halibut and probably the way to go if a monster is your target. Most lure anglers favour large shad or sandeel patterns with inbuilt lead jig heads to keep the lures working effectively in all conditions. The use of fish finders and sonar technology can be crucial in locating the halibut's preferred depths and structures.

The pursuit of halibut is as diverse as the environments they inhabit, requiring a variety of specialised tackle and techniques. Whether casting from a boat, shore, or kayak, the thrill of battling these powerful flatfish and the prospect of landing a trophy fish make halibut fishing a sought-after experience for anglers seeking a blend of skill, strategy, and the thrill of the open sea.