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Rok Max Premium Ocean Predator Shark Rigs / Traces

Rok Max Premium Ocean Predator Shark Rigs / Traces

Rok Max has been rigging shark traces for anglers around the world for over 25 years! The Ocean Predator range is the culmination of experience, matched with the ultimate components, to achieve a range of rigs tailored to UK shark fishing applications including blue sharks and porbeagles.

The Predator range offers two types of leader, one unweighted and one weighted for presenting baits at greater depth, fast tide flows or trolling.

The 12 ft (3.65m) leaders are tied on 400lbs AFW 49 strand cable, and matched with AFW ball bearing swivels and snap links. Rigs are secured with Flemish loops and crimped. The bite trace is 5ft (1.5m) of 480lbs AFW 49 strand cable, and completed with a Mustad 7731 Duratin hook, a Mustad 39960D circle hook or an Owner Mutu Tournament circle hook.

These rigs are hand assembled by us and offer the ultimate end tackle for blue, porbeagle and other species of shark. Each rig is presented in its own packaging with rigging diagram.