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Popping Lures & Stickbaits

Saltwater Poppers & Stickbait Lures

Poppers and Stickbaits cover most of the saltwater lure anglers requirements for catching predatory fish in the upper part of the water column.

Popping Lures

Poppers are topwater lures designed to create disturbance in the water surface mimicking the effect that baitfish create when they are fleeing hungry predators.

This disturbance will attract the attention of hungry fish from some distance and it’s always worth pausing before starting the retrieve to give fish time to find the lure.

Experiment with keeping the fishing rod at different angles to the water surface when sweeping the rod back to make it pop to see what works best for a particular lure.


There are two families of Stickbaits – ones that float at rest designed to fish just under the surface and weighted sticks that will sink to a desired depth before retrieve.

Anglers tend to fish the sub-surface lures in the classic zig-zag or walk the dog style but I’ve found it pays with some species to retrieve slowly with the occasional short burst of jerky movements from the rod tip to tempt a half interested fish to smash the lure.

The sinking/suspending types can be fished in a variety of ways – remember to count them down so you can find the required depth again.

If you're stuck selecting your saltwater lures, then please give us a call on 01635 736436 and we'll be happy to help you select the best popping lure or stickbait for your fishing.