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Saltwater Jigging Lures & Jig Heads

Saltwater Jigging Lures & Jig Heads

Metal Jigging lures have more or less replaced pirks as the go-to lures for deep saltwater fishing. They are easier to fish and less likely to get caught up in structure than traditional pirks. You can broadly split them up into 2 categories:-

Slow Jigs

These are designed to sink horizontally through the water column, this allows them to flutter attractively as they fall and move erratically when lifted. They are normally oval or teardrop shapes. They represent injured baitfish and are deadly for many species.

Speed Jigs

These will fall quickly through the water column and for best results need to be retrieved with a fast pumping action back to the surface. Generally they are long slim shapes. They are at their best in tropical seas when used for fast moving pelagic species.

Finally, please remember that you will need a range of weights to counteract wind and tide. Jigs are most effective if the rod top is directly above the lure.

If you're stuck selecting your saltwater fishing jigs, then please give us a call on 01635 736436 and we'll be happy to help you select the best jigging lure for your fishing.