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OTI Tuna Sniper 2 Long Cast Popping Rods

OTI Tuna Sniper 2 Long Cast Popping Rods

New for 2018, the improved and updated TS2 popping rod offers incredible strength while maintaining a great lightweight feel. This range of rods has been designed to work poppers and stickbaits easily without angler fatigue.

The TS2 popping rod offers great performance at a great price.

Ocean Tackle International TS2 Popping Rod Features

  • Toray Carbon Blank Constructions - Lightweight while maintaining strength and power.
  • Fuji GMKWSG SIC Concept Guides - "K" series concept tangle-free design. Stainless steel frame, SIC insert ring.
  • Fuji long-nut reel seat for an extra secure lock down of your reel.
  • Super Sized Stripper Guide, Size 40 - Reduces resistance on casts from line whipping for increased casting distance.
  • Fuji GRC Rubber Gimbal - Fits perfectly on any popping/fighting belt, while helping reduce weight.
  • EVA Grips - Extremely lightweight and durable.
  • Two-Piece Butt Joint Design - Blank section slides into the top part of the grip section for easy travel.
  • Premium Rod Sock - Easily store, transport and protect your rod.