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Nomad Panderra 8X Braid Line

Nomad Panderra 8X Braid Line

Years of testing have gone into making the ideal all-round braided fishing line for using for saltwater lure casting, jigging and trolling. Panderra braid has colour changes every 10m to allow for easier jigging and casting, but it is what you cannot see that makes Panderra braid special.

Panderra is made from the highest quality Japanese PE fibre. The construction process is carefully monitored to ensure the perfect braiding process of these fibres and to ensure that Panderra Braid is the ultimate casting, trolling and jigging braid. With its mix of technology and rigorous testing in the toughest conditions on earth, you can trust that Panderra Braid will not let you down when it counts.

Microweave and Hydroslick technology make the most abrasion resistant braid you have ever used. It also casts like a dream and has excellent strength to diameter. We've used the Highest Quality Japanese PE fibers to create this exceptional Braid. Don't take our word for it, Watch the video to see what happens when a 50lb GT wraps us around 6 coral heads and the braid survives to land the fish.

Features colour change every 10 metres. Colours are Pink, Purple, Cyan and White alternating. 

Available in a range of spool sizes (200m, 400m and 2000m - contact us for larger spools) and ratings for every application, there is a Panderra braid perfect for your next cast!