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Nomad DTX Minnow Lure

The DTX Minnow is a revolution in trolling minnows, featuring the Nomad Autotune, Hydrospeed, Diamond Armour and Gorilla Through Wire advanced design technology. The pat. pending Autotune system was designed over years of testing by Damon Olsen and is a revolution in lure technology that will be applied to all deep diving lures across the Nomad range into the future. The Autotune design provides for 2 key features– maximum diving depth, and the ability to ensure the lure always swims straight.

  • Bibbed minnows have traditionally been made with an eyelet fixed into the bib of the lure. It is impossible to control the manufacturing process to ensure that this fixed eyelet design is always perfectly centred and the fixed wire eyelet is not bent. Therefore, virtually every type of bibbed minnow made with a fixed wire eyelet in the bib will occasionally either not swim straight out of the box, or will fail to swim straight after one or a few fish. The eyelet is either not straight to start with, or becomes distorted during use.

    The pat. pending Autotune system developed by Nomad Design has eliminated this problem. The design eliminates problems during manufacturing and ensure that no matter how many fish you catch, the lure will keep swimming straight. During testing we had lures that had caught over 50 fish, and had been worn through from wahoo and dogtooth teeth to the point of the lure body filling with water, but the lure kept swimming perfectly. The DTX minnow with Autotune will always swim straight, first time and every time, no matter how many fish you catch.

    The other key feature of the Autotune system is the amazing diving depth that can be achieved. The ability of the system to perfectly centre itself every time on the bib means that the tow point can be designed to be as far back on the bib as possible, effectively just forward of the point where the lure becomes unstable and won’t swim. However, having the tow point as close to this “point of not swimming” is what achieves maximum diving depth, but it can only be done with a perfectly centred tow point. Traditional fixed eyelet trolling lures are unable to position the tow point this far back on the bib and have to allow room for error in the manufacturing process. The pat.pending Autotune system has eliminated this problem and has set a new standard for diving depth in trolling lure design.

    In addition to the Autotune technology, the concealed Hydrospeed belly eyelet allows faster trolling speeds with single hooks, and ensures the lure is balanced with single hooks, so the DTX minnow just keeps swimming straight and true. The additional belly eyelet in front of the Hydrospeed eyelet is designed to be able to fit an assist hook when targeting large tuna and marlin.

    Whether you cast or troll deep diving minnows in Rivers, Lakes, Inshore, or Offshore, there is simply no better deep diving minnow available. 

    Nomad DTX Minnow Saltwater Fishing Lure Features

    • Autotune System Technology - Developed over years of R&D, the Patented Autotune System gives the lure the ability to perfectly centre itself at the tow point delivering 3 key benefits, the ability to ensure the lure always swims straight, increasing diving depth and increased troll speed.
    • Hydrospeed Belly Eyelet - For maximum trolling speed.
    • HD ABS System - An extra strong white plastic for overall strength and durability.
    • Diamond Armour - Internal mesh system, internal strengthening design for transparent colours.
    • Gorilla Through Wire - Welded and supported for extra strength. (110 through to the 200 models)
    • Metal Matrix Plate - Stainless steel plate system. (220 model)
    • Terminal - Heavy duty BKK hooks and terminals.
  • DTX 120

    Dives to 25ft+ at speeds as slow as 2kn and can be trolled as fast as 9kn offshore. Features patented Autotune system which guarantees straight tracking, deep diving and incredible snag resistance. Super strong Through Wire System to handle the biggest fish. Troll or Cast in Fresh or Saltwater - one of the most versatile lures in the range. Fitted with BKK treble hooks.

    DTX 140

    The DTX 140 is rigged with super strong 5X BKK trebles and is aimed at trolling and casting for big barramundi, black bass, Murray cod, mackerel, tuna and wahoo. It is an extremely versatile lure and will reach it’s max. diving depth of 8m+ as slow as 2kn, but can also be trolled offshore at up to 10kn.

    DTX 165 and 200

    The DTX 165 and 200 minnow is rigged with our purpose designed inline single hooks and will reach max. depth between 4.5-8kn.  Ideal for Tuna, dogtooth, wahoo, mackerel, mahi mahi and every other predatory fish in the ocean, The DTX minnow is your first choice in bluewater trolling lures.

    DTX 220 LRS

    DTX 220 LRS - Dives to 50ft, trolls up to 14kn. Super Strong Reinforced Metal plate Body design and latest Autotune Technology. Go big, go deep or go home!

    DTX Minnow Floating 85 3.3" 1/3oz 20ft Cast & Troll 1kn-6kn
    DTX Minnow Floating 100 4" 3/4oz 22ft Cast & Troll 1kn-6kn
    DTX Minnow Floating 120 4.75" 1.25oz 22ft Cast & Troll 1kn-6kn
    DTX Minnow Floating 140 5.5" 1.75oz 28ft Cast & Troll 2kn-10kn
    DTX Minnow Sinking 165 6.5" 3.2oz 34ft Trolling 2kn-12kn
    DTX Minnow Sinking 200 8" 5.8oz 40ft Trolling 2kn-12kn
    DTX Minnow Sinking 220 LRS 9" 7.7oz 50ft Trolling 6kn-14kn

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