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Yamashita Maria Rapido Big Game Stickbait Lure

Yamashita Maria Rapido Big Game Stickbait Lure

A big game floating stickbait lure with natural rolling action and natural wave motion thanks to the slim shape.

We've encountered a situation where migratory fish chase the lure but don't attack and then turn back... this lure changes that!

The "Rapido" lure imitates the action of an escaping baitfish on the surface. Once it dives into the water, it floats in an unexpected direction, mimicking a disoriented baitfish.

Its diving action combined with an irregular rolling motion is highly appealing to migratory fish. Anglers can adjust the lure action to achieve the best results, making the fish more likely to bite. This versatility is the best feature of the "Rapido" series. It can perform simple stick bait movements or more technical actions, depending on the angler's preference.

Yamashita Maria Rapido Saltwater Big Game Lure Features

  • Length: 190mm to 230mm
  • Weight: 65g to 100g (without hooks and rings)
  • Floating action
  • Supplied without hooks and rings