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Shimano Stella Saltwater Spin Reels

Shimano Stella Saltwater Spin Reels

A seriously powerful saltwater spinning reel with an incredible list of features and high performance technologies!

The Shimano Stella SW focuses on absolute power. To achieve it, toughness, cranking power, rigidity, water resistance and drag performances have all been upgraded.

The core technologies are X-Ship, which enhances power transmission efficiency through the gear, plus Power Aluminium Body, X-Rigid Rotor, X-Rigid Bail and X-Rigid Handle to improve rigidity and eliminate loss of power caused by flexing. Synergy generated by all these technologies combine to prevent loss of power input from the handle and create enormous cranking power. In order to support this power, extreme toughness from X-Rigid Gear is introduced at the heart of the reel's body.

X-Tough Drag, with its dramatically enhanced heat resistance and toughness, anticipates the blazing speed of bluefin tuna and giant trevally. Drag performance has been made even smoother, further assuring its reliability. In addition to these epoch-making mechanisms, focus is also placed on water resistance, in order to maintain their initial performance and toughness.

The dependable X-Shield system has been applied throughout, and X-Protect provided at the roller clutch assembly - a crucial area for water resistance.

Shimano Stella Reel Features

  • X-Ship: XShip is a combination of features that work together to create much greater efficiency. By positioning the pinion gear close to the centre line of the large diameter drive gear, more power is transferred from the handle to the rotor. The pinion gear is also supported by two Shimano ARB roller bearings. This creates more stability.
  • X-Rigid Rotor: Considering the harsh environment of saltwater fishing, aluminium was selected for the rotor material because of its excellent durability, rigidity and corrosion resistance. Thorough attention was given to the thickness of every detail to create a strong rotor with assured toughness. While protecting the reel's main body against impact during fishing and transportation, the rotor brings out the potential of all features such as X Tough Drag. The rotary inertia typical of aluminium generates the powerful and smooth performance of the new STELLA SW and effortlessly supports fishing with heavy load lures or while deep sea jigging.
  • X-Rigid Bail: The use of thicker titanium wire dramatically increased the rigidity and impact resistance of the bail arm. The nature of the metal makes the bail lighter and provides excellent corrosion resistance. A superreliable bail system has been created by combining a onepiece bail wire, an SW barrier coat big roller reinforced with Diamond Like Carbon (DLC), and a highstrength hard coated arm cam. The most rigid rotary assembly ever has been realised through synergy with XRIGID ROTOR.
  • X-Rigid Gear: Ultimate toughness was sought for the main gear to withstand the maximum drag needed when tackling offshore pursuits. The difference is obvious; the new main gear is thicker and stronger. With its additional special surface coating, a maximum of 38% greater durability is achieved over past STELLA reels. This is a super tough gear suitable for the heart of the new STELLA SW, designed for perfection in the most extreme situations.
  • X-Tough Drag: The drag system of the new STELLA SW has advanced enormously in terms of toughness, smoothness and performance. The basic drag performance has been extensively reviewed and each of the metal and carbon drag washers show excellent heat resistance and durability. Through an indepth study of the thickness and frictional force of each component within the drag system, the best combinations for optimum performance parameters have been found for each model and size. Further, the structure supporting the middle surface of the spool, from both the top and bottom, efficiently disperses the load, securing a smooth and stable drag force. Inside the drag knob, a coiled wave spring is mounted to allow anglers to make fine adjustment, even when under a heavy load.
  • X-Shield: By providing dependable sealing structures and gaskets at necessary points, including the reel body and lid joint and the contact point of the spool and drag knob, possible water ingress is blocked. This double protection provides high reliability and durability to the STELLA SW when used in extreme saltwater conditions.
  • X-Protect: The contact type triplelip structure is introduced to the roller clutch, the pivotal point concerning water resistance. In this structure, the first lip prevents water from entering through the space between the rotor and the body. In addition, the special grease between the second and third lip  where it makes contact with the rotor collar located at the upper part of the roller clutch  not only resists water from entering but also minimizes friction resistance. Without jeopardizing the 'silky smooth rotation capacity', the vital feature of STELLA SW, exceptional water resistance, has been achieved to withstand the crashing and splashing of waves and spray.