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Nomad Panderra Ultrahard Hybrid Leader

Nomad Panderra Ultrahard Hybrid Leader

This saltwater leader has a super tough fluorocarbon outer coating wrapped around a softer monofilament core, making it ideal where ultimate abrasion resistance is required for casting, jigging or trolling when using friction knots such as an FG knot.

This is a fluorocarbon coated monofilament leader that gives anglers the ultimate abrasion resistance while retaining maximum knot strength plus the flexibility of monofilament leader. It is ideal where friction knots such as FG knots are required and provides very high overall knot strength and abrasion resistance compared to normal monofilament.

The softer core allows knots to bite down and provide extremely high knot strength while offering the toughest and most abrasion resistant outer coating possible. 

Panderra Ultrahard Hybrid Leader has been tested using our decades of on water experience to create the ultimate leader material for casting, trolling, and jigging.