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Westin Crazy Daisy Lure

Westin Crazy Daisy Lure

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A 'must have' lure designed for giant cod and halibut fishing in Norway. Comes with two alternative bodies - a paddle-tail version and and a curl-tail.


When the big halibut and huge cod are proving tricky and hard to tempt, give daisy a little jig and your chances will seriously pick up. She has insanely sexy movement and swimming pattern - even fished slowly – based on juvenile coalfish – the favourite fish supper for the big trophy specimens hunting the seas and shores around Norway. We’ve included a mega-strong stinger hook rig and two different bodies - the curl-tail for a smooth, worm-like swimming action (even at the slowest speed) – and the paddle-tail for that “take-me-now” wounded-panicky-fish-action.

We’ve spent years testing and perfecting the movement, trying out every possible change in shape, size and weight distribution. The experienced guides from Nordic sea angling who tested it now think we’ve succeeded – and some scarily big fish agree!

Westin Crazy Daisy Lure Features

  • Active eyes
  • Durable painting
  • Ultra sharp and strong Japanese-style sea fishing hooks
  • Hook size: Single #8/0, Treble #3/0
  • Excellent depth control
  • Two different style bodies included
  • Attachment wire-eye for additional stinger hooks
  • Includes 100+lb PE braid stinger hook rig

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