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Westin Big Bob Lure 480g / 730g

Westin Big Bob Lure 480g / 730g

If you are travelling to Norway to catch specimen cod a Big Bob lure could be the key to catching that elusive lunker! A wicked bad-boy is ready to hit the sea fishing camps, the charter boats and all the fast boats out to catch the big one. Big Bob is the nastiest sea fishing jig to ever swim in the North Sea.

DO NOT buy this lure if you’re after normal, piddly-Sized cod or halibut. No, siree, no! Because the brutes this fella’s going to bring up will scare you!

The really big beasts – the “Skrei” – the big pelagic cod from the Barents Sea, get together round northern Norway in late winter and early spring for lots of feasting and fish-sex. That’s when you’ve got your best chance of catching the record sea-ogres - the hog-Sized cod and barn-door halibut that you want to ring up strangers at night to talk about! And your best chance of bringing them in is right here in your hands. That's right - those freaks just can’t help themselves when Big Bob wiggles his booty past them. And he comes in two Sizes – Scary: 30cm/480g and “We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat"": 40cm/730g.

Westin Big Bob Lure Features

  • Designed to attract huge cod
  • Active eyes
  • Seductive swimming action
  • Tough paint job
  • Hooks: Single #10/0, Treble #3/0 (480g)
  • Hooks: Trebles #5/0 (730g)
  • Attachment wire-eye for additional stinger hooks
  • Great swimming-action
  • 100+ Lbs PE braid assist hook rig included
  • Heavy wire Japanese style saltwater treble
  • Package contains 1 complete lure