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Williamson Diamond Jet Feather Trolling Lure

Williamson Diamond Jet Feather Trolling Lure

Trolls to 10kts! Jet head design gives a large bubble trail while the chrome hex head throws off a mirror flash. Perfect and essential lure for any light trolling set-up.

The secret to this lure however is the sonic strip. The combination of the flash and the sonic strip in the feather rigging adds an extremely effective sonic resonance that drives fish wild and increase your hook-up five fold.

Comes rigged with matching hook and leader - ready to fish!

Williamson Diamond Jet Feather Trolling Lure Features

  • Combining the incredible flash of the Diamond Facet Head with the fish attracting large bubble trail is sure to get some attention
  • Add in the third dimension, the Sonic Strip for resonance, and you have extremely effective lure
  • Drive the fish wild as you troll up to 10 knots and increase your hookups five-fold with this very successful presentation
  • Proven for Tuna, Bonito, Dorado, Wahoo and other pelagic species.
  • Pre-rigged and ready to fish in any spread or long line application