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Savage 3D Slim Jig Minnow Lure

Savage 3D Slim Jig Minnow Lure

This saltwater fishing jig has the most realistic colours and designs we have seen. They are sure to be amazing fish catchers!

The 3D Slim Jig Minnow is a super-realistic sardine profile lure with a strong action and super casting ability – and it’s now available in new colours and a new size option to further enhance its reputation.

The new colours include: Saddled Bream that will fool all Mediterranean predators obsessed with this prey fish, Last Flash and Glow Yellow that’s impossible to miss on low visibility days, and BG, which is the ideal choice when the sun is high and the sea is calm like a lake.

The new size is 40g and will fill a gap at the lower end of the weight spectrum, giving an alternative for shore jigging with lighter gear when the predators are focused on bitesize prey.

Savage 3D Slim Jig Saltwater Minnow Lure Features

  • 3D scanned face details
  • Long casting design
  • Super-vivid action on the drop
  • Built-in steel rattle
  • Photo printed details
  • Super-durable coating
  • Pre-rigged with super sharp twin assist hooks
  • Internal rattle produces sound to draw strikes
  • Glow in the dark pigments used
  • Strategic weighting for long casting performance
  • Photo print colours and details from an actual fish
  • Anti-Corrosion coating for high salinity environments
  • Precise internal balancing that provides a fluttering action on the fall