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Major Craft Dangan Bullet x8 Countdown Braid Line

Major Craft Dangan Bullet x8 Countdown Braid Line

High quality Japanese x8 carrier braided fishing line marked at 1m and 10m intervals.

A purpose designed braided line for jigging in deep water with a very high breaking strain to diameter ratio.

Major Craft Dangan Braided Fishing Line Features

  • Low stretch and high sensitive braid line at an affordable price.
  • The new processing of the braid offers "low stretch" for ease of use and "high sensitivity" so you will feel the lightest touch or sensation on the line.
  • The surface coating enables ease of use whilst moderate softness suits various fishing situations and reduces line tangle on the guides.
  • Multi-colour offers 5 alternate colours for each 10m section plus 1m division markings and is perfect for offshore game fishing.