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Momoi Hi-Catch Monofilament Wind-On Leader

Momoi Hi-Catch Monofilament Wind-On Leader

Monofilament wind-on fishing leaders for big game fishing and trolling.

A new-generation low stretch, high performance, wind-on leader system for boat fishing that links the leader and the PE braid with a special resin. As the sleeve that connects the leader and the main line is not needed, you can put the leader line through the guide to wind it up and enjoy the big-game fishing safely and easily. These are the worlds best wind-on leaders, and available from 80 to 500lbs, to cover all applications. Attatch using a loop to loop connection to enable you to wind right down to the fish.

Momoi Mono Wind On Leader Features

  • New generation leader system
  • With high strength “Super PE”
  • Easy link with loops