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Momoi Hi-Catch Silver Lock Sleeve Crimp

Momoi Hi-Catch Silver Lock Sleeve Crimp

High quality aluminium alloy single sleeve crimps. Sold in packs of 25.

These aluminium alloy oval crimps are perfectly suited to Momoi leader lines but are also the first choice for other mono lines in corresponding diameters. Manufactured using strict quality assurance to produce a high quality, burr free, precise fitting sleeve. As is the case with crimping any mono, we recommend you do not compress the sleeve right to the end, leaving each end very slightly splayed.

Which size should I use?

Size A - mono size 2.8mm to 3.00mm - (Momoi Mono 600lbs)

Size B - mono size 2.4mm to 2.60mm - (Momoi Mono 500lbs)

Size C - mono size 2.1mm to 2.33mm - (Momoi Mono 480lbs)

Size D - mono size 1.9mm to 2.05mm - (Momoi Mono400lbs)

Size E - mono size 1.7mm to 1.80mm - (Momoi Mono 300lbs)

Size F - mono size 1.5mm to 1.70mm - (Momoi Mono 250lbs)

Size G - mono size 1.4mm to 1.50mm - (Momoi Mono200lbs)

Size H - mono size 1.1mm to 1.30mm - (Momoi Mono 130 to 150lbs)

Size M - mono size 0.8mm to 1.00mm - (Momoi Mono80 to 100lbs)

Size S - mono size 0.6mm to 0.75mm - (Momoi Mono40 to 60lbs)