Momoi Hi-Catch Xtra Hard Mono Leader Line

Momoi Hi-Catch Xtra Hard Mono Leader Line

An Xtra hard monofilament leader line for trolling, big game and boat fishing for increased protection.

Momoi X-tra hard leader is the ultimate leader material when extremely high strength and abrasion resitance is required. This monofilament is produced with a hard outer coating to resist abrasion resistance and for applications where a stiffer leader is required.

This strong leader line prevents you from line breaking by pursuing “strength and hardness” to the maximum, which is especially required from big game fishermen. It is a leader where you can actually feel its high perfection level!

Momoi Hi-Catch Xtra Hard Leader Features

  • MH nylon EX type.
  • High abrasion resistance.
  • High durability.
  • Extra hardness (40% higher than Hi-Catch Classic Leader)