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Major Craft Jigpara Shore Jig

Major Craft Jigpara Shore Jig

A king of the standard jig, the Jigpara Shore is a casting jig which resembles a small bait fish and will catch a wide range of different species. It is perfect for every situation regardless of your chosen target!

Jigpara jigs offer minimal drag, providing precise feedback with every jerk, whether you use high pitch or slow techniques.

The casting distance of this jig is undoubtedly its greatest advantage. Its compact silhouette and low air resistance enable exceptional casting distances. Additionally, the jig's balance and action are perfectly tuned to trigger strikes from hungry fish.

The Jigpara Shore features central balance and an asymmetric profile, delivering an irresistible action both on the drop and retrieve. The lure can be worked slowly or quickly, allowing you to fish near the seabed or just below the surface when fish are chasing fleeing baitfish. The natural colours and superb finish further enhance the lure's appeal.

The secret to its outstanding hooking performance lies in its hook design. Jigpara jigs are equipped with top-quality front and rear-mounted Japanese-made hooks. Simply touching the hook will demonstrate its sharpness and effectiveness.

Each lure is fitted with both a single front assist hook and a super sharp treble hook. You can fish with this setup or remove one of the hooks to suit your preferred rigging style.

Major Craft Jigpara Shore Jigging Lure Features

  • Length : 70mm (approx) / Weight : 20g
  • High attract colours with flashy reflective finish
  • Single assist front hook and single treble rear
  • Japanese designed casting jig
  • Extra long casting
  • Centre balance design with asymmetry body
  • Compact silhouette
  • Low air resistance
  • Natural finish
  • Super multi-layered coating
  • Natural and slow fall special action
  • Suitable for slow or fast pitch retrieve