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Major Craft Jigpara Slow Casting Jig

Major Craft Jigpara Slow Casting Jig

The Jigpara Slow Jigs are designed to offer a lighter fluttering action over the popular tungsten versions.

Jigpara Slow casting jigs are very popular with UK’s Bass anglers and are also great for a range of other species including Pollock, Mackerel and alike. Touch it and you'll be hooked it right away!

This jig will offer a slower more leaf like fall but still retains a good casting ability as the bulk of the weight is set just to the rear of centre.

Jigpara jigs offer less drag giving you the feedback to every jerk from high pitch to slow.

The secret of outstanding hooking performance, it is a hook point. Jigpara are made with top quality front and rear mounted Japanese made hooks.

Major Craft Jigpara Slow Jigging Lure Features

  • High attract colours with flashy reflective finish
  • Double assist front hook and single rear
  • Ultra long casting jig
  • Rear weighted design
  • Stable casting, resists spinning
  • Slim profile
  • Super multi-layer coating