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Major Craft Giant Killing Tuna & Popping Rods

Major Craft Giant Killing Tuna & Popping Rods

Great range of really nicely designed, super-powerful lure and popping rods from Major Craft. Popping Rods are ideal for sharks and hard fighting pelagic species. Tuna models have a softer tip suitable for working softbaits and stickbaits.

Popping rods have the perfect action for working poppers and the power on tap will make them a great choice for anglers looking to target sharks and hard fighting pelagic species with a fixed-spool outfit.

These models have the power to hold huge fish. The powerful blank that can be used to cast a large lures.

The tuna model has a fast action matched with a softer tip for lighter lures and greater sensitivity.

Constructed of 4-axis carbon and using cross-force manufacturing, so that you can fight whilst reducing the overall load/pressure on the angler.

All models feature Fuji K Series Guides, Fuji locking reel fittings and excellent Japanese designed advanced tech blanks.

Giant Killing GXC-86PG - 8'6" Max Lure Weight 130g Max Line PE8

Giant Killing GXC-80PGX - 8' Max Lure Weight 150g Max Line PE10

Giant Killing GXC-76PGXX - 7'6" Max Lure Weight 200g Max Line PE12

Giant Killing GXC-86Tuna - 8'6" Max Lure Weight 120g Max Line PE8