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IMA Airacobra 160 Popper

IMA Airacobra 160 Popper

Introducing the formidable 160mm popping lure, equipped with a powerful rattle, straight from the renowned AIRACOBRA lineup!

Prepare to unleash the ultimate trio of enticements: the captivating dog walk, the explosive splash, and the irresistible rattle, guaranteed to summon predatory giants lurking in the depths or prowling just beneath the surface. Experience a whole new level of big bait action with the Airacobra 160 – it's a game-changer in the realm of oversized lures!

Supplied with high quality rings and hooks. 

IMA AiraCobra 160 Saltwater Popping Lure Features

  • Total Length : 160mm
  • Weight : 65g
  • Type : Floating
  • Range : 0cm (Topwater)
  • Action : Dog Walk/Splash
  • Hook : #1/0
  • Ring : #6