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BKK GT-REX Barbed & Barbless Treble Hooks

BKK GT-REX Barbed & Barbless Treble Hooks

Many top destinations for GT fishing are now insisting anglers use only barbless treble hooks on their lures. This hook is perfect for this application. This is THE expedition hook species hunters around the world have been waiting for!

New barbed version now available.

6071-7X treble hooks combine the strongest material BKK have (BKK-81WV) and superior heat treatment technology to achieve ground breaking hook strength and performance.

It is an extremely strong and resilient hook that features:-

  • Welded ring eye
  • Ultra AntiRust coating
  • Industry’s longest hook point for a treble
  • Wide gape
  • Signature BKK hook points meticulously sharpened and polished by hand.

The new barbed version features a small barb that can easily be crushed to convert to barbless if required.