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Aquasure Instant Wader Repair Kit

Aquasure Instant Wader Repair Kit

Flexible, waterproof waders repairs can be carried out on the riverbank with the minimum of fuss.

A must for every angler that wades! Aquasure® is not suitable for use on Silnylon or any other silicone based materials.

Don’t go on your next fishing trip without packing an Aquasure® Wader Repair Kit by McNett®. You’ll love how quickly it patches small holes and tears on the fly, so you can get back to the fish—and keep the water out of your waders.

McNetts’s Aquasure Wader Repair Kit makes it easy to patch hip waders and chest waders wherever the fish are biting—by the lake, river, stream or creek. This small but mighty package contains everything you need to permanently repair rubber, neoprene or waterproof-breathable waders, including McNett’s powerful Aquasure and Tenacious™ patches (1 clear + 2 black repair patches, Ø 7,6 cm). At 8,9 x 2,5 cm, the Aquasure Repair Kit fits in your fishing vest and is ideal for keeping that cold, wet feeling out of your favorite waders.

There are never enough fishing trips—so don’t let leaky waders ruin even one. Patch them fast with the Aquasure Repair Kit for waders, bivvies, tents, umbrellas, fishing nets, fishing luggage, rucksacks, sleeping mats, hammocks, footwear and more!

Aquasure Instant Repair Kit Features

  • Strong, permanant repairs.
  • Flexible, transparent finish.
  • Abrasion resistant.
  • Waterproof.
  • Suitable for most materials.