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AFTCO Roller-Troller Outrigger Clips

AFTCO Roller-Troller Outrigger Clips

Pair of Clips (2pk)

The AFTCO outrigger clip allows for the easy adjustment of trolling lures.

The AFTCO outrigger clip helps you position a trolling lure from an outrigger by simply reeling in or letting out line right through the clip. The clips tension adjustment is positive yet sensitive over a wide range of settings. Line runs smoothly over a polished stainless roller, reducing friction and wear. 

Featured is AFTCO's legendary "roller guide action," where trolling lines roll smoothly over a polished stainless steel roller that turns right WITH the line - virtually eliminating the friction and fraying associated with the back-and-forth "sawing" motion of lines running across thin wire bails of ordinary outrigger clips. Your line remains strong and ready to absorb the impact of a strike.