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Softbait Lures

Soft Saltwater Fishing Lures

Our range of plastic softbaits includes perennial favourites and newcomers designed to match the latest trends and advances in design and technology. Most of these lures are supplied with a weighted jig head and hook moulded to allow a plastic body and tail to be fitted and replaced if necessary. Some lures are supplied with a choice of a paddle tail or a curly tail so you can choose which will impart the best action to your lure depending on the speed it will be fish at and personal preference.

Common body styles includes sandeel and shad body shapes and as ever you may need to ‘match the hatch‘ to get the best results. Some species, e.g halibut, are prone to plucking at the tail of the lure without actually taking it convincingly. You can catch these fish out by adding a stinger hook attached by cord to the tail of the softbait.

Please call us on 01635 736436 if you are looking for guidance or suggestions as to what soft fishing lures are suited to your chosen venue or species.