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Major Craft Jigpara Ikanago Vertical Jig

Major Craft Jigpara Ikanago Vertical Jig

Vertical Sand eel (Ikanago) jig series in a range of colours up to 200g.

While jigging with a constant fast rhythm; the Ikanago jig swims like mad like a small sand eel is being chased by a big predator. With a continuous short jigging rhythm it imitates a "dead stop" that is the sand eel's unique way of swimming while keeping a steady appealing wobbling action that moves back and forth.

Major Craft Ikanago Jigging Lure Features

  • 6 Multi Layered Paint Coating to prevent any damage from hits and strong teeth.
  • Centre Balance Design
  • Slower Fall Design
  • Assymetric Body
  • Broad Slide Action