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Owner Dancing Stinger Assist Hooks

Owner Dancing Stinger Assist Hooks

Dancing Stingers, attached to the eye of a jig greatly increase hooking power. Fish can no longer leverage hooks and jigs out of their mouths due to the flexible Technora connection. Super strong Technora loops attach to durable, flashy Titanium Gold Finish Super Needle Point hooks.

Use Owner Assist Hooks with any jig or lure for increased hooking power! Owner Assist Hooks attach directly to a jig, lure or welded ring easily via loop connection. Owner assist hooks are very popular for jigging but are also great for rigging lures like poppers and stickbaits. Some anglers prefer Owner assist hooks over treble hooks. Why? Because fish can no longer leverage and shake hooks out of their mouths like they can with treble hooks due to the flexible assist cord connection.

Available with rigged with cord, or wire for toothy predators.