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Savage Gear Bloody Assist Hook J

Savage Gear Bloody Assist Hook J

Savage Gears new Bloody assist hook range contains some serious tools to help you land your dream fish.

The assist hooks used in our J range are forged from incredibly tough yet lightweight Japanese carbon steel and feature an aggressive angle and razor-sharp point that consists of two cutting edges that meet. As a result, this hook can easily penetrate bones and jaws even from heavily armoured fish like snappers.

The blade point also has a long-lasting hook point so you can use it to catch fish after fish. We supply the Bloody assist J hooks in single or double versions, with both featuring wrapping along the shank to eliminate jig scratching and improve hook position, strength and setting.

The high quality cord has a fluorocarbon core in order to stay straight and ready for hooking. Bloody assist J hooks are ideal for all jigging, light jigging, shore jigging and cast jigging techniques.

Savage Gear Bloody Assist J Hook Features

  • Japanese XC75 carbon steel
  • Super lightweight and strong hooks
  • Razor cut points
  • Super fluorocarbon core red PE cord
  • Epoxy coated no-scratch full wrappings