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Yamashita Maria Pop Queen F160 Popper

Yamashita Maria Pop Queen F160 Popper

The pioneering popping lure for saltwater fishing. "POP QUEEN" was released 29 years ago as the ultimate salt water popper. The excellent performance of this lure has been supported by many anglers worldwide.

The deliberate popping motion achieved with a quick jerk of the rod, the enticing dog-walking action created by small twitches of the rod, or the lively splashes and blooping produced by a rapid retrieve are highly effective in attracting fish that tend to stay at a distance.

Bubbles: Emitting a distinct 300 to 1,000 Hz bubble sound (resembling a popping noise) to announce its presence to distant targets.

Casting: Demonstrating top-tier performance in casting, with the ability to achieve an average distance of 85 meters with its streamlined body design.

Operation: Designed to function reliably even in adverse weather conditions and when fishing from elevated positions where traditional diving pencils may encounter difficulties.

Yamashita Maria Pop Queen Saltwater Lure Features

  • Length : 160mm
  • Weight : 65g
  • Supplied with strong hooks and split rings suited to powerful game fish
  • Manufactured in Japan