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Giant Trevally (GT) Fishing Tackle & Gear

GT Fishing

The Giant Trevally, commonly known as GT, is the heavyweight champion of the flats and coral reefs in tropical waters, renowned for its aggressive nature and powerful strikes. Pursuing these formidable predators, either by fly fishing or lure fishing tactics, is a heart-pounding adventure that attracts anglers to some of the most exotic and challenging fishing destinations.

For GT fly fishing, specialised tackle is essential to handle the strength and speed of these mighty fish. An 11 to 12-weight saltwater fly rod with a fast-action design is recommended, providing the backbone needed for powerful casts and the ability to control the fish during the fight. A large arbour saltwater fly reel with a strong drag system is crucial to withstand the blistering runs of a hooked GT. Fly lines designed for tropical conditions, such as weight-forward floating or intermediate sink tips, complement the setup for effective presentations in shallow flats or around underwater structures.

Flies used in GT fly fishing are typically large and bulky, mimicking the substantial prey that triggers the aggressive response of these predators. Patterns like the Brushy Fly, Flaming Lamborghini or NYAP Poppers are popular choices, often tied in vibrant colours to provoke a reaction. GTs are known for their explosive strikes, making the visual aspect of fly fishing for these powerful fish a heart stopping experience.

On the lure fishing front, GTs are often targeted with topwater poppers, stickbaits, and large swimbaits. Nomad has an outstanding selection carefully designed with GT’s in mind. Heavy-duty spinning tackle is employed, with saltwater lure rods designed to cast lures in excess of 130g and with a stiff enough tip to work large poppers effectively. Reels with a robust drag system are necessary to handle the powerful runs and headshakes of a hooked GT.

In some circumstances the tackle needs to be set so no line is given at all - this is to stop GT’s heading to the nearest coral bommie to wrap your line around and cut you off.
Whether casting poppers into breaking waves or sight fishing for cruising GTs on the flats, the pursuit of these apex predators requires skill, determination, and the right tackle. The explosive strikes and powerful fights that follow make GT fishing an adrenaline-fueled adventure, drawing anglers to remote tropical locations for the chance to tangle with these piscatorial gangsters.