The Secrets Of Costa Fishing Sunglasses

We believe Costa Del Mar make the finest sunglasses for any fishing situation and are used and trusted by all of the Rok Max team. We have been fishing a very long time and have owned lots of fishing sunglasses, so know what’s good. We pitched some of the questions we regularly get asked about these glasses to an expert at Costa – here are the replies.

Why do I need specialist Sunglasses for my Saltwater Fishing?

The main differences between salt and freshwater conditions are the light conditions you will encounter and how the water surface reflects light back at you. When you’re out on the ocean surrounded by many acres of bright blue water and a blue horizon you need to block the greatest amount of reflective glare coming from the water possible. This is both for your comfort and to minimize the effects of harmful rays entering your eyes. A dark coloured lens such as blue or green mirror will maintain and enhance colour saturation and natural contrast, while offering maximum light protection in these conditions.

And freshwater?

In fresh water, you might be in and out of shade cover, staring into brown or green murky water, and you need more light to see the fish clearly. A copper or amber lens is going to provide slightly more light than a darker lens. A specialty sunrise (yellow) lens is going to let the maximum amount of light in – this is ideal for early morning or late afternoon fishing.

Costa Del Mar Lenses

Which Costa lenses would you recommend for fresh water?

Because freshwater fishing often involves peering into murky, dark water, perhaps in and out of shade cover from the trees, you need as much light as possible to see the fish more clearly. A copper or amber-based lens allows more light to enter your eye, while Costa’s 580™ lens technology creates razor sharp colour enhancement – so anglers can make out the shapes under the water more clearly.

Is there a difference between stillwater and moving water visually?

It’s not so much the water as the light. Are the conditions sunny or overcast? Is the water crystal clear blue or brackish brown? You might spot fish easier in clear, moving water, but have a more difficult time in cloudy, still water. It really depends on the conditions, and the performance quality of your lens. You want something like a Costa 580 lens that’s going to enhance visual acuity.

Description of Costa Lenses

When I’m fishing in saltwater, what are the main lens considerations, performance wise?

Salt is one of the most corrosive materials out there, and can be really abrasive on your sunglass lenses. From a performance standpoint, you want a hard coated, scratch resistant, 100 percent polarized lens able to withstand the elements, while allowing you to see more clearly.

Costa sunglasses are 100% polarized, blocking reflected glare from surfaces like water and windshields. This reduces eyestrain and enables wearers to see beneath the surface of water.

Costa’s 580 patented technology goes beyond 100% UV protection and 100% polarization to produce the clearest sunglass lenses on the planet. The lenses selectively filter harsh yellow and harmful high-energy blue light. Wearers immediately notice that colours (especially reds, blues and greens) are brighter and much clearer. Objects appear more defined. So much so that many describe Costa's 580 technology as comparable to when seeing high-definition TV for the first time.

Can you describe how difference lenses work with angling in shallow water vs. deep sea fishing?

When trolling we follow the general rules mentioned previously with lens color choices and your water environment. These rules change when it comes with sight fishing, which involves being able to see fish in any water environment and present them with your fly, lure or bait. In these situations we recommend a copper or amber based lens for the absolute highest level of differentiation with minute detail below the water’s surface.

Costa Fly Fishing Sunglasses

What’s the most dramatic technological development to help anglers see better?

Undoubtedly, Costa’s colour-enhancing 580™ lens is the most revolutionary lens technology developed to help anglers spot fish in the water more clearly. By cutting the yellow light, the other colors – reds, blues, greens – become sharper and more vivid. Anglers can spot fish in the water faster and more clearly as a result.

Is there a good all-around fishing lens for anyone that loves to be on or near the water, whether it be a lake, river, beach or ocean?

A polarized lens with 580 colour enhancing technology will provide the clearest vision for driving and other everyday activities. If someone isn’t specific about their fishing condition, lens colour choices sometimes do come down to personal preference.

Thanks that was very helpful and informative – by the way, we love the new styles Costa keep giving us and the cool frames and lenses. Keep up the good work!

Allan Shephard
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