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Kitting Out Superyachts with Fishing Tackle & Gear

Ok, so we're talking pretty big boats here. These are not small charter boats offering specific angling trips, but luxury super vessels who wish to carry sport fishing gear for pleasure and catching fish for food. This includes big game fishing, popping, lure fishing, spinning, shark fishing and other specialist tackle.

We have supplied tackle for our customers large sailing and motor vessels based in the UK as well as new build superyachts up to 236ft designed for cruising the world! In fact, we can even help luxury cruise liners kit out their day launch boats for fishing.

The Clients

We work directly with boat owners, crew members, boat builders and specialist global yacht supply companies to ensure they select the most appropriate gear for their requirements. This is based on what species the customer wishes to fish for, where they are travelling and the size of the boat.

The Tackle

When supplying fishing gear and tackle to yachts we take into account a variety of different factors to help clients select the correct kit:

Storage– What are the size limitations for storage when the tackle is not in use?

Usage– What are the requirements for mounting rods when in use? Do we need to consider rod holders, and are these permanent or need to be removed each time they are used?

Species – What fish are you targeting? Is the fishing for fun or for food? Where will the vessel be fishing and what species will you likely encounter?

Gear - It must be tolerant of saltwater plus be easy to use and maintain as well as being durable. What gear do we need to help and enable a fish to be subdued safely? Harness and belts, gaffs, gloves? Another important consideration when fitting out large sailing boats is to recognise that you may not be able to stop the vessel quickly or even at all when a fish is hooked. This may mean using heavier class tackle to fight both the fish and the momentum of the vessel.

Operational logistics – We must consider various aspects of practicality and safety. How high is the fishing station from the water in terms of playing and landing a fish? Do the railings cause an issue? How do we unhook to release or lift a fish from the water?

We can tailor you bespoke packages from light general fishing outfits to specialist heavy game gear and everything in between.

Super Yacht and Luxury Cruise Liner Tackle

Case Study A

We were tasked with working for a new-build superyacht to provide a complete tackle package enabling the crew to provide the owners and their guests a quality sport fishing experience.

We ascertained the vessels likely destinations, the level of crew experience, and then tailored a complete package to cover a wide variety of species. We worked directly with the vessel, which was based abroad, to ensure rod holders fitted the rail sizes and storage solutions for the rods suited the bulk heads they were due to be mounted on.

We supplied comprehensive selections of terminal tackle and lures ready to fish, plus harness and belt set-ups to enable younger or older guests to tackle larger fish in comfort and safely.

All the gear was delivered directly to the yacht in port and the crew were briefed on to ensure they were happy to set up and use it.

Case Study B

We were given 3 days’ notice to supply appropriate tackle to a vessel that was due to leave Southampton. We worked quickly with the crew to ascertain the likely destinations and species they will encounter.

We then put together a comprehensive array of tackle and accessories that was supplied and delivered within 72 hours!

Small Fishing Launch Boat from Super Yacht

Summary & Next Steps

In our experience, supplying yachts of any size is very much about understanding the requirements and working with the crew or owners. There are so many more considerations than just selling tackle.

We supply and can source top quality fixtures and fittings for vessels, including rod holders, storage solutions and tackle boxes from leading brands across the globe. We have given presentations to specialist yacht outfitters so their sales team understands the basics of the products and offers them a background knowledge in order for us to proceed. This initial knowledge then allows us to ask highly relevant direct questions that enable us to tailor the packages to the layout of the boat and the needs of the owner or crew.

To find out more about our super yacht and luxury motor boat fishing tackle services, call Allan on +44 (0)1635 736436 or email us via our contact form.

Super Yacht Fishing Tackle, Equipment and Gear by Rok Max

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I’ve fished for over 40 years, concentrating particularly on saltwater or game species on fly and lure tackle. In the UK my favourite sport is chasing the amazing blue and porbeagle sharks with a fly rod, and previously held the record for the largest fish in the UK caught on fly tackle along with the first porbeagle on a fly rod. In recent years I have literally been bitten by the bug in pursuit of tarpon. Other interests include cooking and property refurbishment.