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RIO Gel Spun Backing

RIO Gel Spun Backing
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The best gel spun backing for experienced fly anglers.

RIO 50lb Gel Spun is now available in a new twin colour version that is metered every 50yards with a colour change from red to yellow. The colour change gives the angler a visual reference to determine how far a fish has run and how much line needs to be retrieved. This is especially useful to saltwater anglers dealing with powerful saltwater game fish.


This is the best choice for the serious hardcore saltwater fly fisher - the Gel Spun offers no stretch and is ultra thin, allowing you to max-out the capacity of your saltwater fly reel. The extra strength offered by 50lb Gel Spun could save you from losing the fish of a lifetime.  The diameter is roughly the same as 20lb Dacron backing and reel capacities can be determined using this as a guide.

A full specification of this product will be completed shortly.

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