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Williamson Popper Pro Lure

Williamson Popper Pro Lure

This popper will be at home anywhere you find predatory fish keen to hunt in the surface. The clever design gives you a lure that will pop and walk the dog at the same time. Versatile design allows you to fish a wide variety of techniques; pop on the top, slash and stall and classic walk the dog. Precisely weighted for maximum casting distance. In-line hook design for optimum swimming action, point exposure and hook set. Constructed for pelagic gamefish.

Classic popper design with a large cupped face to maximize the “plop, plop” sound as you pop this plug through the water.

Engineered with a rear weight system to maximize casting distance, whilst adding an extremely stable action. The stability sets the Popper Pro apart from the opposition; allowing you to make radical “slash and stall” retrieves or your normal “pop pop” retrieve.

Excellent saltwater fishing lure for all game fish species especially: GT’s, tuna, blue fish, leervis, striped bass and sea bass.

Williamson Pro Saltwater Popping Lure Features

  • Perfectly balance for maximum casting distance
  • Extremely stable to allow rip and stall, pulse, high or low speed retrieve
  • The PP180 has stainless steel pin and swivel rigging allowing the fish no leverage
  • The PP130 has rugged stainless steel through-wire rigging
  • Rigged with the new VMC® 7266 TI inline single hooks