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Williamson Benthos Speed Jig

Williamson Benthos Speed Jig

The diamond shape propels the jig in a high speed vertical drop to where the fish are, even in the heaviest drifts.

Super Fluoro Lumo paint will get the predators attention and bring them in for a strike. 

They come rigged with a VMC® Assist hook, split and solid rings that give the lure an enticing action.

Williamson Benthos Jig Features

  • “Steel Core” inner reinforcing will resist the attack of any ferocious game fish and ensure your Speed Jig stays true for the next drop
  • Exclusive design allows our “Speed Jigs” to drop faster into the strike zone thus increasing your fishing time on every drift
  • This unique design has a very low retrieve drag co-efficient, making your day less tiring and more enjoyable