Trabucco T Force XPS Saltwater Fluorocarbon

Trabucco T Force XPS Saltwater Fluorocarbon

T Force XPS Fluoro 25m 99lb BS

Top quality, easily knotable fluorocarbon for saltwater fishing leaders. Comes on a handy, thick plastic dispensing spool with a line retainer.

This 100% Fluorocarbon is super-soft and specially formulated for use in saltwater. Perfect for livebaiting for fussy predators such as tuna, this fluorocarbon offers excellent abrasion resistance and is pretty close to being invisable in saltwater.

Produced using T-Force technology - this is truly a world wide leader for quality and strength. The new profile of this monofilament makes it perfect for every situation where you need casting performance and torsion resistance.

Trabucco T Force XPS Fluorocarbon Features

  • High abrasion resistance
  • Superior knot strength
  • Molecular treatment
  • Tournament class
  • Super soft