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Seanox Tuna and Big Game Fish Grip

Seanox Tuna and Big Game Fish Grip

The Seanox Tuna grip is a specialist catch and release tool designed to hold large tuna, by their lip, in the water so they can be towed alongside your vessel. This allows them to re-oxygenate and disperse lactic acid build-up giving them the best chance of survival after release. This product has been extensively field tested with excellent results.

Designed by Seanox in France improve release survival rates and tested on Tuna as large as 300 kg (661 lb.).

This grip has been tested and approved by both Seanox technical fishing team and their customers. It is essential equipment for anyone planning on catch and release fishing for large tuna.

Seanox Fish Gripper Features

  • Large Jaw grips designed to maintain a firm hold on the tuna's jaw.
  • Grip's handle fitted with a Dyneema loop to secure your grip.
  • Grips jaws opening is controlled only through the trigger.
  • When the hand grip is released the jaws are shut instantly by a strong spring.
  • Non-skid handle 300 kg (661 lb.) resist while you are opening the grips jaw.
  • Large size trigger for optimum ease of use.
  • Coated with epoxy paint for ultimate corrosion resistance.