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Samson Fat Minnow Lure

Samson Fat Minnow Lure

The Fat Minnow is designed for rougher fishing conditions or where a greater water disturbance is required to entice predatory fish.

This lure will bring big fish up to the surface and can be fished at a wide range of speeds. It can be worked like a popper with short pauses and a blooping action or with a faster regular retrieve. A great advantage to this lure is that it’s not tiring to fish even when cranked back really fast. It makes plenty of splash with relatively little resistance to the angler working the lure. Exceptional casting distances are easily possible even in windy conditions. Fat minnows will catch most predatory species from bass through to large tuna.

Like all Samson lures it comes with a choice of two heat shrink skins to customise your lure – they catch very well naked too!