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Rosco Standard Mini Double Crimp

Rosco Standard Mini Double Crimp

Rosco Standard Mini Double Crimps are American made black oxide brass double leader sleeves for wire or monofilament line and traces.

Cut from the highest quality brass tubing, these crimps are for multi-strand wire (eg. AFW 49 Strand Wire) up to 600lbs. Suitable for use with our our hand crimping tools. We suggest using heat shrink tubing when crimping onto wire to stop the cut end of the wire unravelling. These crimps are not suitable for crimping monofilament lines. We suggest you use Momoi Silver Lock Alloy Sleeves for mono and fluorocarbon lines. 

Which size should I use?

1.1mm 1202TW-8 - suitable for 90lb & 175lb wire

1.3mm 1202 TW-1 - suitable for 275lb wire

1.6mm 1202 TW-2 - suitable for 400lb wire

1.9mm 1202 TW-3 - suitable for 480lb wire

2.2mm 1202 TW-4 - suitable for 600lb wire

For 800lb AFW 49 Strand Wire use Rosco HD Double Crimps.