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Penn Carnage Monster Blue-Fin Rod

Penn Carnage Monster Blue-Fin Rod

6'4" 130lb One Piece

The PENN Carnage Monster Blue-Fin is a unique rod that is especially designed for drifting/broume fishing for the biggest blue-fin tuna with a spinning reel.

Broume is a French chumming technique for tuna fishing that generally involves throwing handfuls of sardines (whole or chopped) into the water to attract a shoal of tuna to a fishing vessel. By using a fixed spool reel it is easier to freeline a bait back to the feeding fish with the minimum of drag. Tackle needs to be strong - very large blue-fin can be caught using this method.

Anyway back to the rod - the one-piece blank construction with X-Wrap technology is incredibly strong and built in such a way that it is ideal for putting maximum pressure to the fish with a mechanical advantage in favor of the angler. Equipped with only the best SW proof, under whipped Fuji SIC guides and heavy-duty aluminium ALPS reel seat with locking nut, this rod is capable of helping you catch your fish of a lifetime on spinning gear! The triangular shaped EVA front grip give anglers added comfort for long battles and maximize grip against hard pulling fish. Last but not least the rod is equipped with a premium quality metal gimbal to provide added strength and a secure connection during the fight.

Penn Carnage Monster Blue-Fin Spinning Rod Features

  • The perfect rod for stand-up monster Bluefin Tuna fishing, drifting / Broume style with a spinning reel
  • SW Proof Fuji SIC slim guides
  • Aluminium ALPS reel seat with lock nut
  • Extremely powerful and strong blank with X-Wrap technology
  • Aluminium gimbal
  • Under whipped guides