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Momoi Hi-Catch Fluorocarbon Wind On Leader

Momoi Hi-Catch Fluorocarbon Wind On Leader

A 25ft fluoro-carbon new-generation wind on leader system for fishing which links the leader and the PE braid with a special resin. As the sleeve that connects the leader and the main line is not needed, you can put the leader line through the guide to wind it up and enjoy big-game fishing safely and easily.

Wind-on leaders are attached with a loop to loop connection to your line. This means that unlike conventional leaders, you do not need to stop winding when you reach the swivel. The angler has more control, making for safer handling and releasing of fish at the boat. Low stretch fluorocarbon has the same refractive index as water making it almost invisible.

Hi-Catch Wind On Leader Features

  • New Generation Leader System
  • With High Strength “Super PE”
  • Easy Link with Loops