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Keitech Easy Shiner Softbait Lures

Keitech Easy Shiner Softbait Lures

The Easy Shiner from Keitech is a successful mixture of Shad Impact and Swing Impact.

With the easy Shiner Keitech have combined the fantastic tail action of their Swing Impact lure with a wider shad body. The flat body flanks in time with the shovel tail and lets the sides flash again and again. The rubber mixture in the lower area of ​​the Easy Shiner is very heavily salted and gives the rubber fish A very stable run even without additional weighting.

There are recesses in the rubber on the top and bottom so that the Easy Shiner can be perfectly mounted on WideGap and offset hooks. The connection to the shovel tail is kept extra thin, so the Easy Shiner plays reliably even at the slowest retrieving speed. The Easy Shiner are salted and have an octopus aroma.

A lure that's proved incredibly effective and popular on the bass fishing scene, now available to UK anglers. Ideal for targeting a wide range of predators in both fresh (pike/perch) and saltwater (bass).

Keitech Easy Shiner Softbait Features

  • Natural swimming action
  • Finely cut sharp tail
  • Specific plastic densities for better balance and action
  • Small hook slots on both the top and bottom 
  • Custom Keitech 2-tone color process
  • Strong squid scent