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IMA Silent Salt Skimmer Lures

IMA Silent Salt Skimmer Lures

The Silent Salt Skimmer is a subtle surface lure which has the ability to draw fish to the surface and induce them to take.

The IMA Salt Skimmer features a slender profile similar to a soft plastic stickbait, enabling effortless distance casting. An extra tungsten ball in the tail and an additional 4g weight enhance its casting distance and action in the sea. This 'Walk the Dog' style lure is of superlative quality, making it easy to achieve significant casting distances.

Designed by leading Japanese lure designer Hide Iimura, the Salt Skimmer replicates the action of an injured or distressed baitfish, effectively attracting nearby predatory species. To maximize its effectiveness, work the lure in a zig-zag fashion using your rod. This technique causes the tail to dig into the water, creating a boil that draws fish in. The lure's finish and components are first-class.

Weighing 13g and measuring 110mm, the Skimmer is equipped with Owner ST 36 hooks. Its superior design and construction make it an excellent choice for anglers seeking a reliable and effective lure for various fishing conditions.

IMA Silent Salt Skimmer Lure Features

  • Length: 110mm (10cm) / Weight: 14g
  • Saltwater surface lure with sliding/walk the dog action
  • Rigged with two #4/0 ST-46 treble hooks on #3 rings
  • Made in Japan