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IMA Sasuke 120 Shallow Diving Lure

IMA Sasuke 120 Shallow Diving Lure

A compact long casting saltwater lure which makes a good lure choice when bass are balling sprats and whitebait on the surface.

The IMA Sasuke 120 is designed for long-distance casting, even into strong winds, thanks to its highly dense internal shifting tungsten ball weights. Its 'dished lip' and weight transfer system allow it to vibrate tightly during the retrieve and dart erratically. Made from tough ABS plastic, these lures are highly durable.

Under the right conditions, this lure can dive even deeper in strong currents, but it can also be fished close to the surface by holding the rod high. This versatility makes it an excellent choice for effectively working the upper layers of the water. The combination of long-distance casting capability and adaptability to various depths enhances its appeal.

Weighing 17g and typically diving between 70cm and 90cm, the Sasuke 120 performs slightly shallower than its 140mm counterpart. However, in strong currents, it can dive deeper, and with a high rod position, it stays closer to the surface. This lure has arrived in the UK with significant potential, promising to be a versatile and effective addition to any angler's tackle box.

There are two models:-

  • Sasuke 120 Reppa - 120mm, 3 x treble hooks, Ball Bearing weight system, 17g
  • Sasuke 120 Rekku - 120mm, 2 x treble hooks, MRD weight system, 20g  

IMA Sasuke 120 Saltwater Diving Lure Features

  • Full-length - 120mm / Weight - 17g or 20g
  • Floating diving with wobble/rolling action
  • Diving Depth Range - 70 to 90cm
  • Recommended Area: flats, surf, estuary