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IMA Komomo II Saltwater Lure

IMA Komomo II Saltwater Lure

These saltwater sub-surface lures feature handy internal weights which allow them to be cast easily, even in strong winds.

The IMA Komomo 2 is designed to fish within the top 20 cm of water, making it ideal for very shallow conditions. By holding the rod tip up and cranking slowly, the lure stays near the surface, creating an enticing wake thanks to its innovative lip design.

This versatile lure can also produce 'gurgling' and 'popping' sounds at the surface, a technique particularly effective for catching bass. With a steady retrieve, this lure moves with a wide rolling action that attracts fish.

Measuring approximately 110 mm and weighing 15 g, this floating lure features internal weights that ensure easy casting even in strong winds. Equipped with quality Owner ST46 #3 hooks, it is excellent for bass and other freshwater and saltwater predators. The lure's superb aesthetic quality, with holographic effects, adds shimmer and flashes to enhance its appeal.

IMA Komomo II Saltwater Lure Features

  • Full-length - 110mm / Weight - 15g
  • Floating lure
  • Well proven bass lure
  • Depth Range - 5cm to 20cm
  • Action - Rolling + wobbling
  • Fitted with two treble hooks ST-46 # 3 on original # 3 rings